In October 2007, the Kryki Sports cycling team was founded by Mike Hone to be a competitive amateur racing team based in Seattle, Washington. Mike’s passion for cycling and design were the main motivations to start a new team. Through his expertise in both cycling and design, Mike has made the team one of the most admired squads in the Northwest. In the past twelve years, the team has won countless races. The squad consists of some of the strongest cyclists in the northwestern United States with numerous State and Elite National Champions and even former professional cyclists. 



Cycling provides a unique way to market an organization and leverage the excitement of the sport to make meaningful connections with a brand. This means year-round coverage for the sponsors. The sponsor’s logo will be present on all marketing materials the team generates in cooperation with their sponsor’s marketing departments. Cycling uniforms, bikes, vehicles, team web site and related media are all used to promote the Kryki Sports Cycling Team. The size and placement of the company’s logo has a direct correlation to the financial participation of the sponsors.

By sponsoring the Kryki Sports Cycling Team, companies will be able to utilize all forms of media (photography and video) generated by the cycling team for its marketing campaigns, to promote their products and solutions. Our sponsors will also benefit from team appearances at various charitable and promotional events.


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