Men's AV Extreme Winter Jacket

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Size XS
Color Black

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Extreme performance without the bulk. If you’re looking for the perfect cold weather all-around piece, look no further than the AV Extreme Jacket.

Stay warm, dry and comfortable in the super lightweight AV Extreme Jacket. This winter jackets packs the performance to keep you warm of much bulkier jackets with Polartec® Alpha® Direct interior and AcquaZero Eco treated exterior fabric that keeps you protected from wind and rain. The breathable DVstretch™ thermal fabric insulates against cold winds while also allowing moisture from perspiration to escape, helping regulate your core body temperature whether you're sprinting or cruising. Perfect for winter training rides in cold conditions, this jacket keeps up with your most extreme workouts and riding conditions.

The high, ergonomic fleece-lined collar, soft elastic cuffs at the wrists offer warmth and protection with a snug and comfortable fit. A longer drop tail below the rear pockets aids in protection from inclement weather and cold temperatures with the highly reflective pixel fabric for use in low light conditions.

Polartec® Alpha® Direct

The key to the AV Extreme Jacket's performance in the coldest temperatures is the Polartec Alpha® Direct insulated interior, which continuously releases excess body heat and perspiration before it causes saturation and discomfort. It does this through soft, lofted fibers that are inherently hydrophobic and resist all moisture.

The blue interior of the AV Extreme uses a 130 gram Alpha® Direct insulation for maximum warmth and performance in the coldest deep winter temperatures, from the high 40s down to the low 20°F


A slightly relaxed-fit, yet still body conforming, the AV Extreme Jacket has enough warmth built in to be worn with a very lightweight thermal jersey or winter base layer, like our Ceramic short or long sleeve base layers, to keep the bulk down.