Viaggio Travel Pump

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Viaggio Travel Pump is a compact foldaway floor pump designed specifically for cyclists that travel.  Folding feet, a detachable full-sized handle, and our innovative Bluetooth gauge solution make this our most portable floor pump yet.

Viaggio Travel Pump is rebuildable and built to last.  The barrel is custom extruded 6061 alloy and measures in at just under fifty-seven centimeters in length.  Inside the barrel contains a full-metal shock piston complete with our traditional Italian leather gasket and brass check valve for superior efficiency and smoothness.  The aluminum handle on Viaggio is a slightly smaller version of the SuperPista Ultimate handle which makes it the largest, most stable handle on a travel-specific pump.  When not in use the handle slides off the piston cradle detents and then slides securely onto the alloy barrel rail.

Our top-of-the-line HIRO Sid-Lever Locking Presta Chuck comes standard with Viaggio and threads into the Schrader end on the rubber hose which is an impressive ninety-nine centimeters long.

The gauge of Viaggio is driven by a Bluetooth pressure sensor located in the barrel at the base of the pump.  This sensor transmits tire pressure data to an app on your smart phone called iGauge.