Getting Dusty and Dirty at Rebecca's Private Idaho

As the road season was coming to a close, a group of riders from Seattle decided to go and ride the Rebecca's Private Idaho (RPI) in Ketchum, Idaho. I love this place so much. I actually lived in Ketchum back in 1997 where I learnt to bike race. So it was great to go back to my old stomping grounds we a great group of friends to ride some gravel. I definitely wasn't in form as I had come off my bike 6 weeks earlier at 35 mph and broke 6 ribs. So my preparation was not very good to say the least. 

The first evening was a team gathering at Walt's place... we all can't wait to go back it was that good. A beautiful dinner and great company is the best start to the weekend. 

We ventured around town, seeing the sites, and doing a couple short rides before the 100 miler... actually I think I clocked 90 miles for the ride. I was actually thinking of doing the smaller 50 mile rider but peer pressure me and a few others to do the entire ride.

I have to say the RPI ride was pretty long and hard. I was glad there were some stops to rest up and get drinks but next year I think I want to just keep riding and get a better time. The ride was just beautiful, riding along the twisting rivers, climbing over mountains and eating a lot of dust. The last climb was of the ride was so mind numbing. I couldn't wait to get to the top.

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